This ROM is based on official ZTE N880E MIUI. Funny thing is that N880E MIUI builds are based on the CM10 device sources that I’ve released, so thanks to me. ;)


Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead.

Changes to N880E version:

  • fixed wifi and bluetooth (N880E has Broadcom wifi/bt, we have Atheros/Qualcomm)
  • added Google Keyboard
  • added Play Store
  • removed Chinese MIUI apps
  • used Blade III CM10 kernel (source)
  • used Blade III proprietaries

Everything should work to CM10 standards except FM radio. Don’t expect anything to be fixed (fix it yourself). I don’t plan to use/support this ROM. It was just something I played around with for couple of hours. I just thought I’d share it because it’s been requested several times and it seems to work well enough.

How to install:

  1. boot into ClockWorkMod recovery
  2. mounts and storage -> format system
  3. wipe data and factory reset
  4. install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard ->
  5. reboot

How to port:
I wrote a simple tool for porting from N880E. You’ll need a linux system with few basic packages installed (git, java, zip). Place an official N880E MIUI ROM to the root of the porting tool directory (place_rom_here) and run the tool.



MIUI changes not mentioned in the changelog. See MIUI changelog.

4.4. changelog:

  • MIUI 4.4.4
  • added support for emulated internal sdcard
  • updated Play Store and Google Keyboard to the latest versions
  • disabled MIUI updater

13.8. changelog:

  • MIUI 3.8.9
  • updated to latest CM10 kernel

9.6 changelog:

  • MIUI 3.6.7
  • included Google Keyboard instead of CM10 LatinIME
  • removed Chinese MIUI apps
  • fixed soft reboot after PIN input

3.6. changelog:

  • MIUI 3.5.31
  • updated Play Store (4.1.10)

21.5. changelog:

  • MIUI 3.5.17
  • initial release