Here’s an early taste of Lollipop for Chuwi Vi10 Plus & Hi10 Plus. Chuwi Hi10 Pro, Hibook, Hibook Pro, Hi12 & Cube iWork1x are supported with compatibility patch (see installation instructions below). It is unofficial and unsupported by the CyanogenMod team. It’s for advanced users only.


Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead.

Google apps:
The Open Gapps Project


  • Wifi
  • Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Hardware video decoding & encoding
  • Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering
  • HDMI
  • Houdini
  • Keyboard dock
  • Network/wifi location
  • SD cards
  • Stylus pen (HiPen H2)
  • USB storage (MTP and PTP) & adb
  • USB OTG (storage, mouse, keyboard)
  • USB-tethering
  • Wifi-tethering
  • Touchscreen/multi-touch
  • Sensors

Not working:

  • ???


  • Audio not routed through HDMI



  • CyanogenMod team & everyone who’s been working on CM12.1

How to install:

  1. boot into TWRP recovery
  2. backup -> backup (create a nandroid backup of your current ROM)
  3. wipe -> advanced wipe -> wipe /system
  4. wipe -> factory reset
  5. install
  6. (install Hi10 Pro/Hibook/Hibook Pro/Hi12 patch if necessary - see FAQ below)
  7. install
  8. reboot system


Q: I can’t find developer options, why?
A: Settings -> About tablet -> Click ‘Build number’ several times

Q: I don’t have reboot options in power menu, why?
A: Settings -> Developer options -> Advanced reboot

Q: I have no root, why? What is that hashtag on my status bar?
A: Settings -> Developer options -> Root access. Root management is now integrated as part of CM’s Privacy Guard and you can manage per app permissions under Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Guard. You’ll have a persistent notification in the status bar when you’re running an app that uses root permissions.

Q: I have Hi10 Plus. What should I do?
A: Older Hi10 Plus devices don’t need any compatibility patch. If your device was shipped with 20170220, 20170315, 20170504 or 20171020 firmware download patch below and install it in TWRP.

Q: I have Hi10 Pro. What should I do?
A: Download patch below and install it in TWRP.

Q: I have Hibook. What should I do?
A: Download patch below and install it in TWRP.

Q: I have Hibook Pro. What should I do?
A: Download patch below and install it in TWRP.

Q: I have Hi12. What should I do?
A: Download patch below and install it in TWRP.
md5:c023c47f3aff08f416aed7f00dd35934 (latest batch - serial no 451609XXX)

Q: I have Cube iWork1x. What should I do?
A: Download patch below and install it in TWRP. (Cube iWork1x)

Merged commits not mentioned in the changelog.

28.1. 2017 changelog:

  • fix lights HAL to allow lower minimum brightness
  • fix capasitive home button on Hi12
  • integrated kernel build
  • fix Skype login issue (thanks to zltnngy)
  • fix audio lag in some games (thanks to zltnngy)

4.12. changelog:

  • build kernel & modules from source
  • completely new kernel bring up cleaning up all kinds of Chuwi cruft
  • update kernel mmc drivers to fix ‘freezing issue’
  • add configs for external keyboard docks to fix ‘keyboard dock wake issue’ (thanks to festlv)
  • add BFQ i/o scheduler and enable it by default
  • patch shtload of known vulnerabilities in kernel (CVE-xxxx-xxxx, and more)
  • Android security patch level: 1 November 2016 (merged)

28.10. changelog:

  • change device codename to chuwi_vi10plus
  • SELinux enforcing
  • fix Play Store compatibility with some apps (location permissions)
  • build wifi (wpa_supplicant/hostapd) from source
  • stylus pen “works”

14.10. changelog:

  • initial release

Previous builds: