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You need to have the latest stock firmware and TWRP recovery installed. See ‘Settings -> About Tablet’ on your device and choose the file that matches your stock firmware version. Important!!! Do not install these files on mismatching firmware versions!

Supported stock firmware versions:
Vi10 Plus & Hi10 Plus: Remix OS B2016080801
Vi10 Plus: stock Android 20160803
Hi10 Plus: Remix OS B2016092601
Hi10 Plus (z8350): Remix OS B2016092102
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20161108
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20170220
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20170315
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20170504
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20171020
Hi10 Plus (z8350): stock Android 20171229
Hi10 Pro: Remix OS B2016081102
Hi10 Pro: stock Android 20161102
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20161208
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20170508
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20170704
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20170707
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20170720
Hi10 Pro (z8350): stock Android 20171228
Hibook: stock Android 20160422
Hibook Pro: stock Android 20160906
Hibook Pro: stock Android 20161025
Hibook Pro: stock Android 20161215
Hibook Pro: stock Android 20170113

How to disable dm-verity:

  1. Download suitable zip for your device below and copy it to your device’s sdcard.
  2. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  3. Install zip in TWRP. (Vi10 Plus & Hi10 Plus)
md5:852f530980c2f4577f81526af771f3a8 (Vi10 Plus)
md5:43d9b8fa9155ee77d0cc2f8288128b8b (Hi10 Plus)
md5:342cf59f61de70d2a5c292313e317912 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:3bc9b8078a105ddae5a6210eeeb0ee95 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:199d1932bcc77d489a5077e7939cc59a (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:6c1cad40ae1d3c2a51702e0c2ca06236 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:eaf22e0a1f7ed24f1cad8ced439ebc18 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:0650bf5d9a77a5ca5add3fada6a28bec (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:38e024baa390a45e63639bdcb823e242 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:9fdc4c48aea2470c49cfeb43594a8928 (Hi10 Pro)
md5:7f427962a062994ead1608483ce082ca (Hi10 Pro)
md5:af5599c6bf7b40451fc7b006588be09e (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:b2d600d9cdb41b9fd2743654a0a97986 (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:d981a7aeecb7bc443b8b1aa0e215dba5 (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:6e6812fd24035c2584ee1f615ba369b3 (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:428a7196ed6fd1af1b3cdbeef4573840 (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:3dc2184c9e128706fc8e31eb9d87f9ec (Hi10 Pro - z8350)
md5:4c952581957e7f48089f2e1133b8906c (Hibook)
md5:656153251309bf1ec32c365f256a98cf (Hibook Pro)
md5:cad2b4b51ce4e16e80bb3994b3624a2f (Hibook Pro)
md5:8cb950b1060f39988aa97ab01fe0146d (Hibook Pro)
md5:63e8194032a312e883ed16a8246fe5e8 (Hibook Pro)

How to gain root access in Android:

  1. Disable dm-verity (see above).
  2. Download SuperSU and copy it to your device’s sdcard.
  3. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  4. Install SuperSU zip in TWRP.