How to restore stock recovery:

  1. Download suitable zip for your device below and copy it to your device’s sdcard.
  2. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  3. Install zip in TWRP.
  4. Reboot recovery.

Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead. (Vi10 Plus & Hi10 Plus)
md5:cbdb0e9246eb931d28c5683ad6d92d1f (Vi10 Plus)
md5:fa8a9134060635ffeac05f2f32e8c1cb (Hi10 Plus)
md5:5bd7cafca69085c8b790f9462d6a09c9 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:588c72ffb184d588e979b8ffa497ad78 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:63f916ec01d6a25ea00b851f35618251 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:ed54388bea0ad42d33ceac335d13cd97 (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:8e96bc7341291e5f02c8aa7e3302fb5b (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:6f7a571b3ef3e495a5521e694e40ba0a (Hi10 Plus - z8350)
md5:570ddd1c02e87a6348a6587bd9cc2042 (Hi10 Pro)
md5:c54d36aa41746409dbad8ef583d1327f (Hi10 Pro)
md5:37c6a2006c8643137da2bb74feba5ea0 (Hi10 Pro - z8350 - serial no HQ64G42170100000-HQ64G42170300000)
md5:70bd7b21bfefc3bee6ae0923053dae72 (Hi10 Pro - z8350 - serial no HQ64G42170300000-HQ64G42170600000)
md5:322f7fd20adebee34b1cfcfc43a0e4e6 (Hi10 Pro - z8350 - serial no HQ64G42170600000-HQ64G42170900000)
md5:c20a723c45eb32cc67e70b669e27ef88 (Hi10 Pro - z8350 - serial no HQ64G42170900000->)
md5:6bc6259ce20eecaa0f5f913fec0079bc (Hibook)
md5:68abf4d6c1f79c8c039e64152c321269 (Hibook Pro)
md5:aaf33f939bd62a26fcfc7becc4347f9c (Hibook Pro)
md5:eecfe5658828a3fd717596829479737b (Hibook Pro)
md5:74c3fc7ecb78523d4dd759350634b1c0 (Hi12)
md5:a3c28c73450d163e2c321084840d7391 (Hi12 - serial no 451609XXX)