This is my build of Firefox OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3 (Beeline Smart2, Moche/MEO Smart A16, ZTE V811W, ZTE V811, Skinny V811, Optus Hop Smart, ZTE Blade M, etc). This is not meant for daily use (or any use really), it’s just something for advanced users to play with.

This build is based on the latest CAF release LNX.LF.3.5.1-11900-8x10.0 and it’s Boot2Gecko

Important. Prerequisites!!! You need to install Android KitKat on your Open C first (e.g. will do). Yes, that’s right - this build is based on KitKat unlike the official ZTE Open C Firefox OS firmware. You also need to have this ClockWorkMod recovery installed (TWRP seems to have some issues with CAF otapackages :o).


Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead.


  • RIL (mobile network, data & SMS)
  • Wifi
  • Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (photos & camcorder)
  • FM radio
  • GPS
  • Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering
  • Hardware video decoding & encoding
  • SD card (only external)
  • USB-storage (on external sdcard) & adb
  • USB-tethering
  • Wifi-tethering
  • Touchscreen/multi-touch
  • Sensors
  • LEDs

Not working:

  • ???


  • Something wrong with media scanner - everything works fine after visiting ‘Settings->Media storage’ once and letting it fetch SD card statistics.
  • Camera is a bit temperamental sometimes - it’s recommended to close the camera app from multi-tasking view after using.



  • CAF & Mozilla/B2G

2.8. changelog:

  • updates from new ZTE kernel source release (i.e. Goodix GT960F touchscreen support)
  • patch recently disclosed stagefright vulnerabilities (more info)

6.3. 2015 changelog:

  • use userspace implementation to set correct wlan MAC address
  • add camera wrapper to disable unsupported HDR mode
  • add few more locales and keyboard layouts (Nederlands, Russia, Turkey)
  • enable seccomp in kernel (required for shallow flashing B2G > 2.0?)

5.11. changelog:

  • update to the latest CAF release LNX.LF.3.5.1-11900-8x10.0
  • set correct wifi MAC address from file (/persist/wifimac.dat) with ZTE kernel driver
  • unload wifi driver when switching tethering mode
  • update bluetooth configuration

13.9. changelog:

  • update to the latest CAF release LNX.LF.3.5.1-06900-8x10.0

20.8. changelog:

  • initial release

Previous builds: