Here’s a small app I wrote that pulls some useful hardware information.


Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead.


17.3. 2015 v0.7.5:

  • use material design (on Lollipop API level 21)
  • add partition size info
  • add modem version info (only visible when running CM builds)
  • more descriptive sensor info

4.11. v0.5

  • add partition layout info (Open C vs. Kis 3)

31.10. v0.4.1:

  • small layout update

18.10. v0.4:

  • add ambient light/proximity sensor info

14.9. v0.3:

  • add settings menu
  • use proper versioning (requires uninstalling previous version first)

6.9. v0.2:

  • more touchscreen information

3.9. v0.1:

  • initial release