This is my build of Dees-Troy’s Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) 3.0.2-0 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.

Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this page instead.

md5:3e66436321b08e4104657e3560961bcd (TWRP flashable)

Do not use this recovery to flash official updates from ZTE website! You need to repack them for custom recovery or use the stock recovery to install.

How to install:

  • Gain root access in Android with root exploit of your choice
  • Download TWRP recovery image, rename it to recovery.img and copy it to the root of your internal sdcard
  • Execute following two commands in ‘adb shell’/Terminal Emulator (make sure not to typo!)
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery
  • Boot into TWRP recovery using volume up + power key combination or ‘adb reboot recovery’

How to update:
If you already have TWRP installed, you can use a flashable zip to update it.

  • Download TWRP flashable zip and copy it to your sdcard
  • Install the zip in TWRP
  • Reboot recovery

How to restore stock recovery?

  • Download TWRP flashable zip that matches your stock firmware version from stock ROMs thread and copy it to your sdcard
  • Install the zip in TWRP
  • Reboot recovery


27.4. 2016 changelog:

  • TWRP 3.0.2-0
  • prebuilt kernel/dt from VDF-995NB01-UK07b
  • fix USB mass storage on external sdcard

27.11. changelog

  • use stock kernel from Turkish 5.1.1 update

6.8. changelog:

  • better method to ignore accelerometer input events that caused issues with touchscreen
  • set CPU parameters and add performance profiles

5.8. changelog:

  • initial release

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